About centre


Tired from shopping? Today it takes a lot of time to buy things. One item can be bought in one supermarket, other in a shop that is miles away. It really takes your time away.

There is a worthy solution – buy everything from one place. And that place is Ümera Keskus.

Good location of the Ümera shopping centre allows people from diffrent districts to come here. Ümera Keskus is situated on the Laagna Tee, that makes it easy to get there from many ways and with a traffic jam. 2 hours of free parking, a lift for people with disabilities and many other small but needed points, that make Ümera Keskus a worth-visiting shopping centre.

You have some health issues? There is a drugstore.

ATM will help you arrange your financial questions.

A big store Maxima XXL has a wide sortment of products at a good price.

Come and visit Ümera Keskus – you will find everything you need.

Ümera Keskus is one of the newest shopping malls in Tallinn.

  • Ümera Keskus – for WOMEN:

    Shops with modern clothes and shoes, a beauty salon – all a modern woman need, to look gorgeous!
    Ladies are going to like the cosmetics and a beauty salon. We also have a dry cleaning and a atelier.

  • Ümera Keskus – for MEN

    Suits, trousers, jackets and shirts – all this you can find in Ümera Keskus.
    A beer store with live beer and a shop with different electronic devices – that is what a modern businessman needs – all the possible and newest gadgets are available, including all kinds of accesories.

  • Ümera Keskus – for CHILDREN:

    Kids can go to a toystore and eat something delicious in the Alibaba Cafe, so they will forget their fatigue and really have fun!


How to go?
Keskus avatud: E-L 10-20, P 10 - 19
Maxima avatud: 7-23